The 12-Step Programme to Beat Obesity, Conquer Fast & Sugary Food & Eradicate Overeating In 90 Days or Less

Long-Term Residential Fat Loss Courses | Non-Surgical Alternative to Weight Loss Surgery


Conquer Food Programme

If you’re reading this, you probably have more than just a few pounds to lose.

You’re probably looking for alternatives to weight loss surgery and will have tried every fad diet and quick weight loss fix there is.

Rapid & Life-Long Weight Loss

Dramatically Improved Body Image

A Big Huge Dollop of Self Pride!

A Sense of Belonging, Happiness & Fulfillment

Control Binge Eating & Sugar Consumption

Improved Eating & Lifestyle Habits

You may even be wondering… ‘CAN YOU REALLY BE ADDICTED TO FOOD?’

The short answer… YES! …and it has devastating results on your life, health & happiness.

Great news… You’re in the right place as the Conquer Food Programme helps hundreds of people EVERY year beat their unhealthy relationships with food and rapidly lose weight, safely and for good this time! You’ll meet a few of them below but in the meantime,


The Conquer Food Programme is a powerful and extremely cost-effective alternative to weight loss surgery. Each year, we help hundreds of people to climb out of the deep self-loathing hole they’re caught in and dramatically improve their lives with a proven 3-dimensional program.

Our program enables you to eradicate poor eating habits, beat food and FINALLY LOSE YOUR EXCESS WEIGHT FOREVER!

Finally Lose Your Excess Weight For Good!

About The Conquer Food Programme

The CONQUER FOOD extreme weight loss & overeating program targets the very heart of your unhealthy eating triggers and food habits. Paula, Craig and the team will empower your MIND & BODY to think, eat and move better.

*Results May Vary



Five Big Benefits to you!

Rapid Sustainable Weight Loss

Typically *8-11 lbs is lost by our clients per week on average in a safe and secluded environment so you no longer have to feel self-conscious in gyms, pools parks or slimming groups. Imagine living guilt free without constantly being stared at or leered at? (*Results May Vary)

Reduced Pain

Imagine living pain-free for once? Simple chores like climbing stairs, getting in cars and on public transport, going shopping and walking will be a cinch! You’ll gain more fluid and pain-free movement so you can start to live life to the fullest and do all the things you thought you would no longer be able to do like travel the world, play with your children or grandkids, or maybe some other physical challenge? (*Results May Vary)

Dramatically Improved Breathing

The Conquer Food Programme often brings other welcome, but unexpected side effects such as reducing snoring or the need for CPAC breathing apparatus at night. Imagine no longer waking in a panic because of sleep apnea? (*Results May Vary)

Control Type II Diabetes & Eradicate Obesity Related Illnesses:

The medical world sees your diabetes and food related illnesses as a ‘progressive disease’ – The means they expect you to die from it… but only after you have lost a limb, spent years fighting horrible debilitating symptoms. Why is this? Type II diabetes is a result of the body no longer recognizing the signals triggered by sugary and processed foods. The medical approach is to give you more medicine which fixes the symptoms short term but just makes the illness worse. Imagine testing your blood and seeing normal readings after 2 days? Simply put… you do not have to suffer this any longer. (*Results May Vary)

Increased Pride, Self-Love & Happiness:

You can imagine just how happy & proud you will be when you have lost your weight, changed your habits, can move freely again and your family don’t even recognise you now! How good would it be to silence the critics? We are constantly amazed at the new goals our Conquer Food clients leave with. Imagine your whole future opening up full of potential so you can live a life of freedom from food, happiness & faithful and excited for the future? (*Results May Vary)
Food will no longer be the only friend, comforter or source of enjoyment for you… Your life changes here!

Finally Lose Your Excess Weight For Good!

But Who Am I?

Hi, my name is Paula, extreme weight loss expert and food addiction coach.

Please don’t think I am one of those fitness gurus that have never battled fitness & food and have always looked fit and been active. I still battle bulimia, binge eating and the urge to overeat every day..! I bet I could challenge any of you to an eating competition during a binge lol!

Darn, there was a time when I was so frustrated and angry with myself that I could cry right now just thinking about it. I desperately needed help and needed guidance as NOTHING I tried worked… Nothing!

But on the verge of giving up, I found the answer… I met my partner Craig. He helped me change my attitude to training and showed me that the way we try to lose weight and get fit was wrong! Suddenly weight started to come off and I started to enjoy exercise. I knew there and then that it was my duty to help the thousands of others learn the weight loss and nutrition techniques and if I could add some of my own mindset training we could make people, thinner, happier and more fulfilled with ease!

I’ll save the rest of my story for later, but needless to say, everything I had tried before was wrong!!! Everything you have tried up to this point really has led you and me to fail and every time we tried a diet and ended up piling the weight back on we felt more and more like failures and took another step into the negative demotivating rut! The good news is I have the answer…

Craig and I started our LONG TERM – CONQUER FOOD program following our own breakthroughs. The course now runs every week and provides incredible results to thousands every year.

But let’s get back to the programme…


Finally Lose Your Excess Weight For Good!

About The Manor

Luxury With a Homely Feel

The Manor is designed to make you feel like you’re getting a nice big hug at the end of an intensely productive day, where you can rest, recover and relax in luxury… while disconnecting from the world and putting your mind completely at ease.

When You Stay With Us You Have Access To:

  •  Wi-Fi internet access for when you need to ‘plug back in’
  •  Orthopaedic mattress for restful and regenerative sleep
  •  Hypo-allergenic pillows for a soft and comforting touch
  •  Blackout blinds for the perfect sleep environment Lounges &
  •  Gardens for idyllic and meditative strolls

We have a mix of Single, Twin and Double Rooms, as well as a Luxury VIP Suite with King-Sized Beds, En-Suite Bathroom (with bath and shower), as well as a separate dressing room.

Each room is designed to optimize rest and is furnished and decorated beautifully, with quality beds and orthopaedic mattresses with built-in storage for a kit, equipment and the necessities.

Group numbers are capped and we specialize in newbies that may not have exercised for a while – you’re in safe hands and with like-minded people.


Finally Lose Your Excess Weight For Good!


Fat Loss Food

The Conquer Food Programme does not just educate you about food but also re-educates your palate and taste buds. We minimise refined sugar and processed food in order to control the messages we receive from food. We gain control over hunger with a specialist nutrition plan designed to eradicate sugar cravings, keep hunger at bay but at the same time provide plenty of fuel with your exercise and nutrients to improve health. Other camps in the UK will starve you, but how long have you been trying to lose weight by controlling calories? In the long run, it never works and never will.

80-90% Of Your Results Are Dictated By The Food You Eat


Fat Loss Fitness Training

It’s normal to be worried about the training. You may not have done any exercise for a long time and if general life is a constant struggle… what is exercise going to be like? We guide you to improved fitness by gradually turning the dial, bit by bit, manageable baby steps so as your confidence and ability grow… your fitness levels increase. We train you smarter, not necessarily harder. We aim for the best results with the least injuries and fatigue.

Without a doubt, the TEAM Bootcamp & the Conquer Food Programme boasts the most experienced extreme weight loss coaches in the fitness industry! Each of our weight loss trainers is specially selected for their approach and empathy. Not only has each trainer undergone service with the British Forces to develop peak discipline and a hardworking attitude, they have all completed the highest possible fitness training accolades to supercharge your progress as well as in-house specialist coaching to ensure they act compassionately and empathetically throughout. They have more experience training the people 99% of personal trainers would refuse to train than anyone else!

We embrace your challenge – and pledge that… if you give 100% we will give you our 100%. Great news for you… Because all that’s left for you to do to get the very most from our specialized training is simple…

Trust In The Process & Try Your Best!

Our trainer’s approach is of a no-nonsense, no-compromise military nature, but we nurture empathy on the Conquer Food Programme and we’ve given our big military guys a huge heart and an even bigger repertoire of skills and approaches to motivate and inspire you.

As a team, we hold daily meetings to review your progress and discuss what approach works best for you personally… The training team is bolstered with a friendly and approachable camp mummy that will provide a solid shoulder when you get upset, sound solutions to any issues you may have and a keen ear if you need to offload.

Your Highly Experienced Training Team

Specialists in Rapid & Extreme Weight Loss Training For People Of All Sizes & Abilities.

Stuart Smith


Craig Williams


Karen Darlington


Finally Lose Your Excess Weight For Good!

About The M.A.P.S. Environment


Mentoring & Coaching

In addition to incredible extreme weight loss, the Conquer Food team educate, coach and support your emotional and nutritional journey before, during and long after your stay. Extreme weight loss and battling food addiction starts the minute you book so that you get the most from every penny you invest in yourself through this programme.

Mentoring Coaching

We will walk you, hand in hand, through the 12 step process of changing your relationship with food and living happier.

Peer Support

Learn from and be inspired by other community members at various stages of their journey.

Online Learning & Training Platform

Ever expanding library of powerful extreme weight loss & food addiction lessons, worksheets and resources.

Accountability Partner

Your accountability coach will be the often needed ‘nudge’ towards your goals.

Systems & Frameworks

Access step-by-step systems & frameworks that will change the way you think and act for life.

Pricing Options



6 Weeks

  • 6 Weeks Food & Training 
  • 6 Weeks Accommodation
  • 6 Weeks Group Mindset Coaching
  • 90 Days Access to Online Training Resources
  • 90 Days Aftercare,
  • Accountability & Support
Most Popular


10 Weeks

  • 10 Weeks Food & Training
  • 10 Weeks Accommodation
  • 10 Weeks Group Mindset Coaching
  • 180 Days Access to Online Training Resources
  • 180 Days Aftercare, Accountability & Support


12 Weeks

  • 12 Weeks Food & Training 
  • 12 Weeks Accommodation
  • 12 Weeks Group Mindset Coaching
  • 180 Days Access to Online Training
  • 180 Days Aftercare, Accountability & Support

Finally Lose Your Excess Weight For Good!

How it Works

LIMITED AVAILABILITY – Because of the interactive and very specific nature of this program, we must limit availability. Courses run 4 times a year with specific intake dates listed below.

Initial phase – Application

We receive countless applications for this highly effective and much sought after the programme and first of all we need to establish whether you fit our criteria.


Phase 2 – Interview

Fit the criteria and we progress to the interview morning and site visit. Though many people desperately want to lose weight, they simply do not have the right attitude or honesty to allow CHANGE to happen. During the site visit, you will get a chance to speak to our current Conquer Food clients and see the camp in action. It will set your expectations.


Phase 3 – Induction

The first week of the CONQUER FOOD program is designed to ease you in. You will be nervous about many things like exercising again, living with new people and whether you will fit in or keep up. We find that a week is usually the right amount of time for you to settle into the training routine and nutrition plan at camp before moving onto more advanced coaching.


Phase 4 – The Programme

Induction complete you will start your group coaching sessions and start the powerful 12-step conquer food process along with your peers.


Phase 5 – Aftercare

To maximize your results and ensure your renewed habits last forever you will receive weekly online training, support and accountability PLUS access to our ever-expanding library of coaching and training videos.