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[00:00:17] Welcome back to the Conquer Food podcast. No, that’s wrong. It is a Quarantine Daily Podcast. Yeah, I’ve got a usual panel, Ric, Nicola, and Georgia. I’m still answering your questions. Got some really good questions today, which we’re going to dive into. Before we start though, we’re going to do a one minute or gratitude for today.
[00:00:35]Ric, I’m going to start with you. What’s good or new?
[00:00:38] Ricci: [00:00:38] What’s good on you today? I am feeling very upbeat. I’m feeling like. Everything’s going to be okay. That’s a good thing. Anyway, we’ll, we’ll get through this and we’ll be better people for it.
[00:00:49] Craig: [00:00:49] Amazing.
[00:00:51] Nicola: [00:00:51] Oh, me, my hair looks amazing today. That’s my thing.
[00:00:56] It looks amazing.
[00:00:58] Craig: [00:00:58] Good.
[00:00:58] Georgia: [00:00:58] Mine is, I made avocado toast and I’ve got coffee in front of me.
[00:01:02] Ricci: [00:01:02] Oh,
[00:01:03] Craig: [00:01:03] wow. Little things make a big difference, right? So we’re gonna, we’re gonna do our little, little questions today. I’ve got a question stair from, from Emma. we all know really active in the group. So let’s do this question.
[00:01:15] Some justice. I’ve lost it.
[00:01:17] Georgia: [00:01:17] I love, and the videos. Have you seen the chicken.
[00:01:19] Craig: [00:01:19] Chicken. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
[00:01:21] Georgia: [00:01:21] I need the chicken to be in every video she sends now.
[00:01:25] Craig: [00:01:25] Right. So first part, self-control with all things snacky, you know, I’m sure we go, sure. We all eat snacks every now and again. We all have that little, that little bit of a devil on our shoulder. So… tell me… how to stop mindless snacking
[00:01:38] Georgia: [00:01:38] I think it’s things that you already know. There’s, you could take away the snacks so you don’t have the option to snack if you really don’t want to, or you have snacks ready that are slightly better choice rather than, you know, like we spoke about again, where you go look in each different cupboard and you’re like, what do I want?
[00:01:54] What will, if you have little things ready and prepared and the, you know, your goal, like those are your options. That’s what you’re going to choose rather than. The big bag of crisps in the cupboard or just don’t buy the pink bag of Chris and then you don’t have the option to eat it. I don’t
[00:02:09] Craig: [00:02:09] know. Yeah. I mean it used to be that.
[00:02:12] I mean that was really common advice. Once you don’t buy it, you won’t eat it. But
[00:02:16] Georgia: [00:02:16] in reality, cause I know. Don’t buy it. I’ll just think about it all day and it will get to midnight and whether or not there’s a lockdown, I’ll go and buy it.
[00:02:25] Craig: [00:02:25] Yeah. Well, and this is what I was going to say is like people say that, you know, just don’t have it now house and you will eat it.
[00:02:32] Well, who, who was driven miles and miles to get snacks before. Yeah. You will vote you and you know, when we first launched bootcamp. it was about 12 miles to the nearest town, you know,
[00:02:44] Georgia: [00:02:44] and I bet people
[00:02:45] Craig: [00:02:45] drove. Yeah, no, they did. Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. You know, it’s not, it’s not a curse that if you don’t buy, you’re
[00:02:50] Georgia: [00:02:50] not going to eat.
[00:02:50] Since it does work for people, like my mom, she just doesn’t know if she doesn’t want to eat bread, she doesn’t have bread in the house. She won’t think about that. Like she won’t then fantasize about the bread and she just, because she doesn’t have it in the house, she doesn’t think about it. So it does work for certain people like to say different things work for different people.
[00:03:06] It’s finding. Well that’s for you. Yeah. So like the prepared snacks, or maybe you learn how to ration, the nasty snacks. You can still have them. Everything in moderation
[00:03:17] Ricci: [00:03:17] there, I would say it’s, with the, with the, you crave it, you go and get it. That is very true. Like we’ve all done it. I’ve definitely done it, but I think there is an element also of, if you can make it through a couple of weeks without going out and doing it.
[00:03:30] You’ll probably be able to do it for as long as you need to. It’s probably getting past that initial night or two even of just going, Oh, that’s Christmas. I already wanted to buy that in. I’m going to think about it. Think about it. Eventually you will forget about it cause it’s actually just your brain being a note basically and trying to make you think about things you don’t want to think
[00:03:46] Georgia: [00:03:46] about.
[00:03:46] Really good plan that actually did work where whenever any of us wanted to eat something or snack for what I want. You got one hour, you were told you can come back to me in one hour if you’re still. Thank you. Buy it and go away and do something different and then come back.
[00:04:00] Craig: [00:04:00] Yeah, I mean, you know, in times when I’ve fasted before then like a seven day water only fast before, you know, that was something that I would do is if I, if when I started to feel hunger, I would literally have a timer on my watch and I’d just be like, right.
[00:04:14] And if in an hour you still want this, I will eat it. And I think the key point there is there’s like, you know, the three parts of your brain, there’s your. There’s, your emotional side is your physiological side, and then there’s your logical side and each work at different speeds. And in reality, when we’re looking at like weight loss, what we will do is we will, we will satisfy if we could like, you know.
[00:04:41] 10 down to one. If when we have our, it’s hard to explain without drawing it, but let me, let me try. So we’ve got our emotional side really quick. You know, it’s the Chimp that we talk about, you know, let’s put a 10 in that box, right? So we, we nail that, give it instantly in food. And then after that, we’ve got our logical side and we put a five in that
[00:05:05] All right, we will get a warn in our physiological side. Do you see the difference? So emotionally, like when you satisfy that physiologically it’s going to have a downside? If we can reverse that and put a 10 in, ah, you know, we eat for our physiology is no, you know that logically about the same, but we get worn in our emotions, you know what I mean?
[00:05:26] And it’s like you’ve got to bide time for our logical part of the brand to kick in. Yeah. Otherwise we’re gonna, we’re gonna mess up our physiology to satisfy our emotion, whereas we need to fight the emotion a little bit just to get the physiology we want. there’s not just like,
[00:05:49] Georgia: [00:05:49] but I think like snacking isn’t, I don’t know if you agree with me, but snacking isn’t necessarily a bad thing.
[00:05:55] Like we have snacks at camp. It’s just at the right time with the right food. After you like at certain intervals and it’s whether you need them or not.
[00:06:03] Ricci: [00:06:03] There’s a line between snacking, grazing, sort of what’s lacking is having snacks at times when you need something to eat.
[00:06:09] Georgia: [00:06:09] And of course some people’s snacks might be different.
[00:06:11] Like I know that in the past my snacks were a full on meal and that’s what I would call a snack. So really I’d be having six meals, not three meals and three snacks.
[00:06:21] Craig: [00:06:21] Well, what swaps have you done? Like, you know, have you done any like swaps of snacks to the American? Like nutritionally better or.
[00:06:28] Georgia: [00:06:28] I really like the celery Filipino bar rather than putting peanut butter on toast.
[00:06:33] I really like, I know people don’t like that, but I like celery on its own and I like peanut butter and then you put them together and then it’s got like the good crunch.
[00:06:48] Ricci: [00:06:48] Oh, it’s a good reason.
[00:06:52] Craig: [00:06:52] Well, one of one of mine is real easy. One is like milk chocolate for dark chocolate, 90% dark chocolate. You unlikely to go Jeanette. I know there was some people that just
[00:07:02] Georgia: [00:07:02] still go. Like for me, I’d need to like break that into squares and like have it like in separate portions. Like that’s what I’m having.
[00:07:10] Rather than going to the whole box, I’ll go back and go back and go back.
[00:07:14] Craig: [00:07:14] Yeah. Yeah. I definitely stepped up your input from yesterday, George. It’s so good to hear what you’re saying,
[00:07:19] Ricci: [00:07:19] Rick. I was going to say for me, I find when I’m not at camp, I don’t snack. I just kept snacking out entirely. I just have three slightly bigger meals.
[00:07:27]and that’s what I do because I just find that if I start slacking, I don’t stop and like, cause that’s, cause I, before camp I was definitely a Grazer, so I wouldn’t necessarily have massive meals all the time. I would have lots of little things. Well, lots of big things.
[00:07:41] I probably missed two of my three meals a day cause I wouldn’t, my mom would ever cook eating meals and lots of time I’d eat a meal and the rest of the day I’ll just be picking it stuff constantly in it. A snacks for me would probably be a sandwich with crisps and you know, drinking a chocolate bar.
[00:07:53] That was a snack for me. I’ll snack and I’ll be at like 11 o’clock. So
[00:07:57] Craig: [00:07:57] the issue. Rarely do we account for those snacks. Do
[00:08:01] Georgia: [00:08:01] you have them
[00:08:03] Ricci: [00:08:03] all? That’s the other thing. Monthly too. That’s a big part of it as well. If you. When you snack, if you make sure you go right, this is my snack time under the sit down and have the snack at a table or wherever it is, just so that you can go, I’m conscious I’m having this snack on me.
[00:08:16] This is the time I eat. This isn’t a time that I watch TV and mindlessly put stuff on my face. It’s not a time where I’m dealing with the kids or I’m at work and I’m not sure, and I’m just chucking, talking in my face. This is a five minute window or a 10 minute window, whatever it is. You go, you can fit into a day that you sit down and go, right, this is Tom.
[00:08:30] Got those. Bolder nuts I’ve put together size or this time you have that bit of fruit, whatever it is, and you just sit and eat it and mindfully eat it. So you go, right. My brain’s registered, I’ve had that food. It seemed my body, my brain is not going to go. You haven’t eaten since breakfast cause you have, you sat down and you’ve had an orange or you’ve had whatever it is you want a snack is and then you won’t.
[00:08:46] Consciously cause your mind plays tricks on you. Of course. Like we know, like you said, if you were to journal at the end of the day, what have I eaten today? You’d write down probably your meals and maybe one of the healthy things you’ve eaten as a snack. But if you actually thought about it, probably at a chocolate bar, you put it on the Packers and they print out a fizzy drink in there as well that you don’t ever count for future’s weight in general the end of the day.
[00:09:03] So if you will. You go. That’s another way of doing it. Journaling. That’s always a good one. Sorry. I’ve just thrown about three ideas into one there.
[00:09:09] Craig: [00:09:09] I think planning knows those moments ahead of time as well. I started thinking, right, well if I do get bored, I do want a snack instead, I’m going to do, you know, whatever we read a book or something that gives you a good,
[00:09:22] Ricci: [00:09:22] a good one.
[00:09:23] To be fair. If you, if you were knowing I’m, I know she’s pretty fit and healthy as it is, like maybe if every time you think of a snack when you don’t actually need a snack, you think it’s probably just a boredom or a whatever it is thing. Do an exercise, a raga, do five squats every time I think I’m going to Slack.
[00:09:37] Why don’t you know? It’s just the thing to do, isn’t it? But like
[00:09:40] Georgia: [00:09:40] going on like a Pooler tangent, she would say like, if you’re not hungry, if you don’t think you need that snack, sit with that feeling and think, why am I, why do I feel that I need to have that snack now? What is actually the real problem?
[00:09:52] What am I thinking? Yeah, what’s the trigger? Why? Why do I want to eat right now when I don’t think I need to eat?
[00:10:00] Craig: [00:10:00] What were you saying? It sounded like he was gonna.
[00:10:02] Nicola: [00:10:02] I was going to say something.
[00:10:03] Georgia: [00:10:03] Sorry Nicola. I butted in. I
[00:10:07] Nicola: [00:10:07] apologize. This was a real good point.
[00:10:09] Georgia: [00:10:09] Worry. Yeah,
[00:10:11] Craig: [00:10:11] well, I’m not doing points today because I felt like I was got too competitive yesterday.
[00:10:17] We all went
[00:10:18] Nicola: [00:10:18] home and we fell out and never talked to Ricky. We’re looking
[00:10:21] Craig: [00:10:21] up quotes,
[00:10:22] Ricci: [00:10:22] not talk to me all day if you really want.
[00:10:26] Craig: [00:10:26] The second part to that was speeding up running, not gonna layer, but this very much, I might do some, some of the training on it, but basically look up. Plyometrics are SAQ. SAQ stands for speed, agility, quickness.
[00:10:38] It’s about working on night. You’re nervous. You know, innovation as well as muscle strength and changing muscle fibers and all that kind of stuff. so I will look at that. they will help, right next. Next one that I kind of picked out, right? This one from. Somebody called joules. Okay, so last year I set myself a challenge.
[00:10:58] Walk 1000 miles.
[00:11:00] Georgia: [00:11:00] Love. Amazing. Love.
[00:11:03] Nicola: [00:11:03] Love a challenge.
[00:11:04] Craig: [00:11:04] Impressive. Yes. Amazing. What’s that? What’s that? How many, many miles a day? That’s
[00:11:10] Ricci: [00:11:10] like three miles. At least. At least turn off on the day.
[00:11:12] Craig: [00:11:12] So it’s two and a half miles a day.
[00:11:14] Nicola: [00:11:14] Every day. Sometimes you need rest days though. If you’ve ever done a challenge before, he might find you over committed
[00:11:19] Georgia: [00:11:19] and they don’t.
[00:11:21] Some dogs don’t need to be . Yeah, and recently
[00:11:24] Nicola: [00:11:24] I have recently learned that not all dogs need to be walked every day to a long distance. Today, I’ve been banned from walking Winnie from hashtag walks with Benny cause she’s walked too far and yesterday on a walk, she stopped, looked at me like she hated me.
[00:11:37] I would only move if I turned around to walk back towards the house.
[00:11:41] Ricci: [00:11:41] Had like one or two walks a week for the last year, five, 10 K walks in a row.
[00:11:47] Craig: [00:11:47] Hold on, Nick. Doms she
[00:11:49] Nicola: [00:11:49] loves it.
[00:11:50] Craig: [00:11:50] yeah. I want to ramp it up, but don’t know where to start. I’m still walking, but I want to do more. for weight loss, I want to be able to go into any high street shop and buy claws, not have to buy online.
[00:12:02] Georgia: [00:12:02] That is the dream.
[00:12:03] Craig: [00:12:03] Yeah. I’m ready, willing and able to make a change, which is great to hear.
[00:12:07] Georgia: [00:12:07] She sounds like she’s ready to go. She should just
[00:12:10] Craig: [00:12:10] need some advice. Yeah. Okay. So it’s obvious then that, you know, you’re pretty determined. You’re pretty, you’re pretty. Consistent if you’d been a thousand miles in
[00:12:20] Georgia: [00:12:20] a year, she already knows that she has that motivation to do it, which is ground, so she can build on it.
[00:12:25] Nicola: [00:12:25] Yeah, I guess has what she thinks the next step is. So does she want to just stick with walking, which everyone loves to walk power we need today. so does she go right. I’m not going to do 2000. I’m going to double it. Or I, for a challenge, it’s like people who know me, like to just pick a distance that I’m going to do.
[00:12:39] So whether like pick a country you’re going to walk to, the circumference of, I know the UK, whatever that would be. Can you walk that.
[00:12:44] Georgia: [00:12:44] In a year. I
[00:12:45] Craig: [00:12:45] don’t know if that’s possible.
[00:12:47] Ricci: [00:12:47] I did that in marathons day after day. Didn’t they have 57,057 days? That’s this conference.
[00:12:52] Nicola: [00:12:52] What was it? Okay, well, there you go then.
[00:12:53] So yeah, break it down. Do the maths, get a friend to check the maths in case you’ve got it wrong. and, and go for it. Or is it that she’s like, right after I’m done walking, it’s now walking
[00:13:03] Georgia: [00:13:03] challenge. Am I going to
[00:13:04] Nicola: [00:13:04] start running? Am I going to get a weighted vest and do it in that,
[00:13:09] Craig: [00:13:09] loads of options.
[00:13:11] There’s loads to sort of pick out in regards to, it’s a good analogy actually for any, any motor fitness. the body is an incredible adapter. You know, that’s what fitness is. It gets used to the stress you impose on stress being anything that forces your body to change. And, if we’re, if we’re walking consistently for a year, our body gets really, really good at walking.
[00:13:34] And actually the amount of time. Calories. Your body will consume to do that movement will become less and less. Your body’s gonna get more and more efficient at doing it. So, I would say in some way you’ve got to increase the resistance. You know, the obvious one is duration when it comes to walking, cause it’s long, slow, steady.
[00:13:53] What can you, can you increase, like the gradient or the way that you carry your, the speed in which you go? You know, there’s so many of the ways that you can change. Change or resistance. my key point is that whenever we’re, if, if, if managing, where is our goal, we need to be thinking about how you spicy or pretty much every six weeks because the body, there’s a great article online, which is, really makes you fat.
[00:14:18] You know, and it’s a lot of people that start on a treadmill or start running, they get some great results. And then after sort of 12 weeks, all of a sudden this, they start putting weight on. Nothing changes, but it’s because they’re doing the same run. Same pace, same distance, reading the same magazine on the same treadmill, you know, and the body just gets used to it and becomes really efficient.
[00:14:36] That’s it.
[00:14:37] Nicola: [00:14:37] We bumped into somebody walking a dog the other day. I should come up, which, if he was with me, when she was saying that the, the sort of hell that runs from, camp to the farm at the top, that she started timing how long it takes her to get from the road. Bottom to the top and she’s like, Oh, I’m down by health many,
[00:14:51] Ricci: [00:14:51] what was it, 12 minutes now?
[00:14:53] And which she said, you should do it. He’s trying to say, well, ask she, she recognized us from, she said, that’s what you’re the TV and
[00:15:00] Craig: [00:15:00] was trying to sign all this stuff. Did she say, Oh, Rick, you sound different.
[00:15:07] Georgia: [00:15:07] You must be his twin.
[00:15:09] Ricci: [00:15:09] She said, she used to go into town and walk up the cart way, which is a really steep Hill.
[00:15:13] She said she started off there as she got to stop. Six or seven times. I think 10 times. She even said, she said, now she goes bottom to top without stopping, but her lungs are busting at the top. I said, well that’s brilliant. That’s awesome. So she’s not alone. She can’t go into town cause she’s not, you know, meant to drive to walk your dog.
[00:15:27] So she’s walking from her house, which is near camp and she’s walking up the Hill. And so Nick said she’s timing herself every day, how long it takes to
[00:15:33] Georgia: [00:15:33] get
[00:15:35] Ricci: [00:15:35] really good at. I think the other thing is that’s not in the question, is that she hasn’t spoken about food there. So I mean, if we’re walking a thousand miles a year, then you’re doing it right.
[00:15:42] Exercise, why you call it got that. In the bag really if you’re walking that far in a year. but maybe if you’re looking for weight loss, maybe looking at food as well, cause that’s obviously a massive part of it with, with weight
[00:15:52] Craig: [00:15:52] loss, I see a lot of people that do a lot of avoidance through engagement.
[00:15:59] So what I mean by that is like they’re engaged in fitness that much that actually nobody talks about the food that’s going on. You know what I mean? Have you guys, have you seen it?
[00:16:09] Ricci: [00:16:09] I’m part, I think I’m kind of a good example of that. Before camp, I used to, you know, play football once or twice a week with friends.
[00:16:15]I used to go to the gym and have a personal trainer three times a week. and I would. Managed to put on weight every week, and that’s because I was eating crap every single day and usually secretly, usually bingeing and you know, so it’s like, it’s so easy to go, but how do you go? Where are you going so wrong?
[00:16:31] You know, you’re in the gym every day. You really trying. Like I’d see the guys are like, Oh, you’ve traded really hard. And I was like, yeah, no, literally, I must have been burning probably two, 3000 calories a day when I was working out. That means I was probably putting in more like four or $5,000 a day, which is.
[00:16:46] There’s a lot of food, you know? and it was usually the wrong foods as well. It wasn’t even necessarily a 5,000 good calories. We’ll never 5,000 calories, let’s be honest.
[00:16:53] Craig: [00:16:53] So, I saw a great meme and on the internet the other day and it was like, I’m overweight because Ryan is low. Just stuff that was trust.
[00:17:00] And you know, my, yeah, my metabolism metabolism is slow, you know, my blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, you know, not acting. Or four. Muscle mass has dropped off. Oh, the my thyroids. Oh, this was crossed out into the bottom. Would I keep easy like an outsource?
[00:17:18] Ricci: [00:17:18] but that’s the biggest thing. I think if you pulled her, had had a teller for every time somebody comes to God going, I cannot lose weight.
[00:17:23] There’s so many reasons I can’t lose weight and they lose weight. Yeah, it’d be millionaires, billionaires, even, cause it’s, it’s, people have this fundamental idea that I can’t lose weight. I’m that person that can’t lose weight. Georgia was one of those people. She, that’s why she’s laughing so hard. but you know, there’s, there’s a reason it’s not my fault.
[00:17:41] I’m doing everything right, but I cannot lose any weight. And they’ll come to camp, they’ll do a week cause I lose 10, 15 pounds. And they go, well, I said, amazing. It’s like this is a miracle. No, it’s not. It’s not. We’re just, we may, we’re just kind of forcing you to do what you’ve. But lying to yourself you’re doing for the last 10 years, you know, this is just us like front of you and taking that choice away.
[00:18:00] Really. That’s what we do and making go right. If you actually stick to what you say you’re sticking to, there’s no, there’s no, there’s no barriers. There are no barriers in this world.
[00:18:09] Georgia: [00:18:09] I think she’s quite like going back to there. Question or post, and she’s quite ready to go. So I think like she said, she’s got all the other aspects down, but like you say, there’s no mention of feed.
[00:18:21] Say for her to go and maybe look at, look at your focus on food and just change, change the walking a little bit, like say maybe go and say, I’m going to walk a Hill a day or something
[00:18:32] Craig: [00:18:32] classic like, well, one thing I will say it, throw a quote out there and hopefully you guys will give me some points.
[00:18:37] Maybe then I’ll just say never. It’s a, you know, being successful is not about what you’re prepared to do. It’s what you prepare to do without usually. Okay.
[00:18:52] Next exercise. A bit generous
[00:18:54] Nicola: [00:18:54] to say 8.9 I thought it was out of 10.
[00:18:59] Craig: [00:18:59] But my, my thing there are completely lost thread throwing points out.
[00:19:05] Ricci: [00:19:05] It’s what you can do with
[00:19:05] that.
[00:19:08] Craig: [00:19:08] Okay. You guys keep talking. I’ll come back to me.
[00:19:13] Ricci: [00:19:13] Even the language of her questions is positive. I’ve got this. I’m ready. Yeah. Oh, no one
[00:19:17] Craig: [00:19:17] got it. I knew I was going to say Craig’s back, so I was going to say, it’s that classic thing of right and prepared to do anything.
[00:19:25] Tell me what to do. And you go, right, I want you to eat this for your breakfast. I want you to have, you know, cut this out, cut that out, no more of this dignity. And they go. Anything but not that, but that’s when you’re going to give you, yeah, but I’ll do anything you want, but not that, you know what I mean?
[00:19:39] And it’s, yeah, absolute, absolute classic. And I’m not saying that’s you jewels, but it’s just what we’ve seen in our experience. yeah. I always, I always try and look at the inverse of stuff. You know, when, when the majority of people are looking at one thing, I’m like trying, I’m looking behind is to kind of, you know, what is people not seeing?
[00:19:56] And we had, we had someone come to camp Schmidt camp quite a while. How can I write it? So you guys know and I Dawn, right? So I’m gonna, I’m gonna write it down there. Okay. So no one, no one, no one’s shout that out. Yeah, I can wear too much of a big deal of this. Okay. So whilst, so every morning at camp, we have this little meeting where we talk about campers and what they’re doing, and for this person who was always crushing it, killing it, smashing it, and I’m like, no, no, because we need to be getting this person to work on the things that.
[00:20:37] Georgia: [00:20:37] They don’t want to work.
[00:20:39] Craig: [00:20:39] They are not good at that. They’re don’t want to work out, you know, forget the stuff that sees it. It’s like for me right now, lots of people talking about fitness and now can they be more active? We don’t need any guidance with that because everybody just wants to get out and do something.
[00:20:52] I’m a right.
[00:20:54] Nicola: [00:20:54] Desperate to get out.
[00:20:55] Craig: [00:20:55] Yeah. So, so that’s the easy bit that the hard bit is. Is this the snacking, you know, and, and, the wine o’clock that we keep talking about and the habits that we’re already starting to form and, you know, and, and sitting on the settee where too long than, than we should be, you know?
[00:21:10] So we need to be, yeah. Really focusing on those things that we’re not good at is clear jewels. You’re a great Walker.
[00:21:17] Nicola: [00:21:17] Federal’s thing is obviously, she says she’s got something she’s already looking forward to from this next challenge. So being able to go into the shops and putting on whatever she wants,
[00:21:25] Georgia: [00:21:25] and that’s a massive motivation.
[00:21:28] Craig: [00:21:28] I don’t want to, Oh yeah, definitely.
[00:21:30] Georgia: [00:21:30] Yeah. I’ve had it and then I
[00:21:32] Craig: [00:21:32] go, how did, how did you feel .
[00:21:35] Georgia: [00:21:35] It’s horrible. Or cause you can’t cut so many other things out. Like as a girl, not to be like cliche, like your friends go shopping days and you don’t want to go because there are the, you know, there is nothing in that shop that will fit you.
[00:21:49] And people will still try, they’ll pick something up and be like, Oh, this is so great. And they’re like this, try it on. It’ll fit you. And you’re like, I 100% know that that will not fit me. Do not do this with me. So in the end you just don’t go. So then you don’t socialize. And then. You unopposed for for when you are large at internet shopping.
[00:22:09] A savior because you could just buy it all online, get it home, try it on in your own peace of mind and find nice things to do. And then since you don’t have any of that pressure, that’s great, but you’re still not being able to do things that you see people doing every day, which is walking into a shop like say you’ve got a nice, like a meal out or something you want to go.
[00:22:29] You want to buy a new outfit, you have to plan that months in advance so you can find the right outfit. You can’t just nip into the shop on that day and go, you don’t have that. To all. Try that top on. Get that top so that going into a shop and buying clothes that can fit you off the high street isn’t a massive motivation.
[00:22:45] Ricci: [00:22:45] On the flip side to the shops with Georgia. and her having that mentality, no, nothing will fit me. I’m not doing, and, and like going like, this would look really nice and you, I think you strike, no, they don’t. They weren’t on my side. Try it on. Try. It should not, I’m not that type to try it on. It fit perfectly.
[00:22:58] And she looked great in it. She was like, okay. That just seeing that moment was really amazing. So like it is worth it. That’s the thing, like if you’ve got a goal like that and it, to some people that would seem like nothing but to a, to a lot of people that were actually huge. That moment of going into, and we’re not talking about all the historic, some history shops do cases to bigger people that we’re talking about the high street, like, you know, you talk shops, you talk girls, what are they called?
[00:23:18] I don’t talk shop.
[00:23:21] Craig: [00:23:21] I’m laughing. I got fucking glue.
[00:23:23] Ricci: [00:23:23] Yeah, exactly. Yeah. They walk in there. Those guys, they cater to the slimmer people in the world. But if you can manage
[00:23:28] Georgia: [00:23:28] massive miles, and it really felt good, and I’ve hung that with a few people to come down and realize that you could pick something off a rail and it would fit you.
[00:23:38] Yeah.
[00:23:39] Craig: [00:23:39] So keep going jewels. What I like about everything that you’ve said is that you’re constantly looking forward and I think a lot of people can get caught up in looking back and comparing how they used to be and how live a good life was before. And to be constantly looking forward as a good
[00:23:55] Nicola: [00:23:55] fit.
[00:23:55] What our challenge is going to be on Facebook. So I want to
[00:23:57] Craig: [00:23:57] know what is going to be
[00:23:59] Ricci: [00:23:59] a great thing. People who are like walking. and something. We do a camp every year. Not right now. We don’t because we are in quarantine. But the three peaks is great challenge to do for somebody like that. You don’t have to do it in this 24 hour thing.
[00:24:10] You’d have to do, we can do it over a few days. We do. We are planning on doing a slow one, I think as well. Yeah. So yeah. So when we, when we finally get to the green light from the world to get outside again, that’d be a great one to throw in there as part of the, he could do one more. One. mountain or quarter, whoever.
[00:24:26] Craig: [00:24:26] Yeah. Yeah. Did you see in the news recently that the lady that did all the Munros in Scotland, did you see that? Yeah. Yeah. Incredible load. Loads of challenges out there that you could make, you could do. Good. Right. So we are coming up at that time again. They’ll do it again. Hey, I, I’m looking for some real inspiration from unique for today’s closing words.
[00:24:51] I’m just thinking about interested in, you sat there and your pink blanket,
[00:24:55] Georgia: [00:24:55] pineapple.
[00:24:59] Nicola: [00:24:59] Look, I was going for
[00:25:02] Craig: [00:25:02] color
[00:25:02] Nicola: [00:25:02] and I like the fruitiness of it.
[00:25:06] Craig: [00:25:06] Okay, what you got for his neck.
[00:25:07] Nicola: [00:25:07] mine is going to be from the last podcast. I’m going to release it back out. Rise and shine people. So not just get out of your bed, but rise. Get up in the morning, how he can make the world better today. How you can make yourself better.
[00:25:19] And the shine part is how are you going to expand that energy to other people? How are you going to share the goodness and the positivity with everyone around you? Rise and shine,
[00:25:27] Craig: [00:25:27] right? Everyone give us a big rise and shine, and we’re going to close this down. Three, two, one.

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