In this episode of the Conquer Food Podcast Craig sits down to discuss food addiction and whether it exists or not.

Addiction is when a person impulsively indulges in something regardless of the negative consequence. Unfortunately, food addiction hasn’t truly been recognised as a real addiction, whether that’s because it hasn’t been researched enough or something along with the lines, but it doesn’t make it any easier to tackle when it’s not truly being recognised.

The DSM doesn’t have a category for food addiction, although it’s common knowledge that it’s there and it’s real. A factor with it not being acknowledged is that it isn’t considered as serious as other addictions like alcohol and drugs and it’s no physical loss to it like gambling.

Not everyone that’s obese has a food addiction and not everyone that has a food addiction is obese, however, 15% – 20% of people have 3 or more signs of food addiction compared to an overall 5% – 10% of everyone having 3 or more signs of food addiction.

Does it matter that it’s not recognised? Yes, I think it does as it’s not getting get the proper research and government policies put in place in order to help battle it and allow people to become more healthy.

Food addiction can come from other things, not just greed, greed is actually quite rare. Food addiction can occur from past trauma, unhealthy relationships, etc. and food can just become a comfort thing to help people feel better.

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