How & Why to Quit Sugar | #30DaySugarFreeChallenge

Craig sits down and talks about the annual 30 Days Sugar-free Challenge, as well as talking about these different types of sugars and how they can affect your body.

It’s important to know that there is no good or bad food, it just depends on the context. The context being where you are in your journey and what your goals are. There’s a discussion about whether you should keep bread, grains, lagoons in your diet when you’re trying to eliminate sugar from it, which is a difficult question to answer as fundamentally they’re all sugars. So if you’re seriously trying to cut out all sugar then it’s a really easy win to drop them out your diet.

Why would you consider quitting sugar? What are the benefits? There are typically a lot of challenges that come about at the beginning of the New Year, an example being you could run every day of January, be alcohol-free, etc. However, we feel the challenge that would give the greatest benefit would be eliminating the sugar in your diet, because sugar really is the silent killer that’s causing obesity, and smashing society in general. There are such amazing benefits for cutting out sugar like your fitness becoming much greater, your sleep improves greatly, your mood gets better and all these come from a reduction in your sugar intake.

Cutting sugar can be very tough and you can see some signs of withdrawals, but there are benefits and 4 main benefits in particular which are:
-Increased energy
-Improved weight management
-Mental clarity/mood
-Reduced inflammation

All of these will see improvement in these things when reducing sugar.

How & Why to Quit Sugar | #30DaySugarFreeChallenge

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