Discover The Pro-Fighter Qualities in You | An Interview With Ric Moylan

Ric is from and grew up in Manchester and from a young age always loved sports, especially combat sport like boxing and martial arts as well as being a good footballer. Ric’s parents pushed him towards sport at a young age to prevent him getting into trouble due to him growing up in quite a rough area, which has to lead him into the life he’s got now. Ric studied sports and exercise science at Salford University, he also worked at a personal trainer for a few years, as well as head of performance team for boxing legend Ricky Hatton as well as 6 other world champion boxers!

Craig and Ric discuss the similarities between regular people participating in low-level sport, or who are just trying get fitter and professional athletes as they are also just regular people, who share the same insecurities and same likes and dislikes, when it comes to sport and fitness, and are still normal people with normal peoples feelings and have just worked so hard to get to where they got to.

Ric then goes onto the difference between those who are at the top of their game compared to those who are not, and it isn’t natural talent that makes the difference its hard work and doing the basics well by making the correct decisions that may give you short term pain but long term satisfaction. An example of this would go straight to sleep instead of staying up a bit later cause you want to watch a new episode of something on Netflix because if you stay up then that means when you have to get up you’ll get up more tired and it will either affect your performance in your training the next day or it might make you not train which means you end up suffering in the long term.

Ric is hosting a charity boxing night, for his niece that sadly passed away at only 12 days old back in 2014. The event will consist of regular people, who have never fought before, volunteering to have a boxing fight and have 6 weeks training program. Ric has been doing this since 2015 and in this time he’s raised an amazing £250,000 from his great cause!

Make sure you check out Ric’s website to see the charity website and videos from past events and if you’re interested please get in touch with Ric.

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