Your Guide to Coronavirus Weight Loss

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In this episode of the Conquer Food Podcast, Craig Williams talks about how you can lose weight during the current COVID-19 pandemic Lockdown using his “10 Focus Points” – 

  1. – Plan alternative activities to boredom eating. – What alternative activities can I do to keep me from eating: mediate, read and many more examples in the podcast.

“I first became aware of the desire for this during my own 7-days water only fast”

  1. – Avoid emotional eating – ‘Pick me up’s.’ – You really have to think about why you are eating – It may be that you’re depressed maybe your anxious or just bored?

“The one number reason why we eat is not that we are hungry – its because we want to change our emotion” 

  1. – Plan for the long term. – Plan for the long term, we had an opportunity to start creating good habits and some of us made some pretty bad habits. We have been doing these habits consistently. (consistency gives you results – even negative results) 
  1. – Plan alternatives to snack, fast and unhealthy processed foods. 
  1. – get some sunshine. – Get out and get some sunshine instead of getting the rays from the fridge. Go for a walk in the park. 
  1. – Set daily and weekly goals. – When you start to set targets and goals everything changes. These motivate you – make sure to set daily goals as well as weekly goals. Even try monthly goals and why not a yearly goal? Set as many goals as you can!!!

“Humans have the drive to be consistent in what we have declared!”

  1. – Create default meals. – Very similar to finding alternatives snacks. Set some default meals to have an A & B Breakfast, A & B Lunches and A & B Dinners. See Craigs default meals here —>
  1. – Tackle saboteurs and recruit allies. – They want to half their guilt, it makes it more acceptable for them to continue in their same bad habits. Just talk to them – break up with saboteurs! Find people who are brimming with positivity and healthy habits. Help each other.
  1. – Double your hydration. – Dehydration is the same feeling as hunger.
  1. – Focus on quality sleep. – Get rid of caffeine! After 45 days of being caffeine-free – my sleep is just incredible.


Paula Williams – “Craig’s snoring is beyond me now!” 


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