Are you trying to lose a few pounds you have gained during lockdown? Or maybe you are just trying to get fitter? Or maybe your a bodybuilder trying to bulk up!

In this episode of the Conquer Food Podcast, Craig presents his 4-step framework for checking your energy and health to check what, when and how long your fitness sessions should be.

In this episode Craig discusses:

☞ How many times should you train?
☞ What training frequency is ideal!
☞ How more intensive sessions need more rest?
☞ Why you shouldn’t base how hard you have trained on how much pain you feel.
☞ How you can use your heart rate in order to track your fitness.
☞ Are you getting fitter or increasing your chance of injury.
☞ The signs and symptoms of your overtraining.


Signs & Symptoms of overtraining?

✘ Disrupted Sleep!
✘ Appetite
✘ Niggles and injuries.
And surprisingly…
✘ Getting a common cold or flu.

Mentioned in this episode: M.E.S.H. Test – how to determine whether its a “working-in” or a “working-out” day.

✅M – Mood
✅E – Energy Levels
✅S – Stress Levels
✅H – Health

➡️ Rate how you are feeling on a scale of 1-10 (Absolutely Pants – Amazeballs).

The higher it is the more intensively, frequent and the great volume your training should be! Seriously that easy!

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