Beating Unhealthy Obsessions With Food…

In this episode of the Conquer Food Podcast, Craig answers one of our long-term Conquer foodie’s question “There is time you have to become obsessed with something in order to master it or to succeed, but when does an obsession become an addiction – in terms of fitness and food can addiction be considered a good thing?”

In this episode, Craig exposes how thing such as emotions and your overall state of mind can impact your obsessions. He also talks about the second and third-hand consequences of addiction.

When does something you are obsessed with start becoming an addiction?

“An addiction is an obsession that has become unhealthy”


Fast, sugary junk food addictions ▶︎  “THE ULTIMATE RESULT COULD BE DEATH”

In terms of fitness and health is addiction a good thing?

✓ Sometimes, obsession can be a good thing if you are looking to put a significant dent in your image.

✭ Even if it is only for 6-8 weeks!

Craig discusses an NLP technique called checking your ecology to ensure that everything sits well with that decision and you can live with the consequences of your addiction.


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